The doctors and staff of Dr. Na AcuChiro TMJ Clinic are dedicated to helping their patients achieve a better quality of life through the use of holistic healing methods (chiropractic, acupuncture, physio-therapy, herbal remedies, nutrition and emotional therapy) to strengthen the immune system and create balance/equilibrium in the body to promote pain and stress relief, as well as natural healing.

About Us

Dr. Soon & Rosa Na believe in examining the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a patient in order to address and treat the underlying cause of a health issue.  Learn more now.

AcuChiro Services

AcuChiro is a mother/daughter team who use their decades of training, education and experience to provide holistic, integrative care to their patients. Read about our services & how to schedule your first visit!

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The AcuChiro TMJ Clinic is located in a central location in Los Angeles with convenient hours throughout the week.  Find directions to our location clinic & contact us to make an appointment.


"I would have to say 'Miracle Workers'!"
"Dr. Na is a magician."
"They combine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along with chiropractic treatments to make me whole again."